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Trustee Investments

Trustees have a duty to protect the value of the trust fund, whilst providing income for the beneficiaries. It is important for trustees to consider the suitability of the trustee investments held, the type of trust arrangement and the requirements of the beneficiaries.


A diversified portfolio of assets should be used to meet the trusts specific objectives.The aims could be to provide Capital Growth, Income or a combination of both.


There are few restrictions on who can act as a trustee. Where family wealth is concerned it’s not unusual for a family member, or the person who created the trust, to act as trustee. However, few ‘family’ trustees will be fully aware of the wide range of their duties and the range of points they need to consider. With our support, you can take a structured approach to helping them.


• Investment strategy

• Asset allocation

• Tax wrappers

• Monitoring and reporting


We regularly advise new and existing trustees on suitable asset allocation investment strategies. With the importance of not contravening the Trustee, we welcome the opportunity of working alongside professional trustees in ensuring the correct investment strategy is taken and all importantly maintained.

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