Full of Bull?

We don’t want to be discriminatory against anyone or anything, but the aptly named Year of the Rat comes to an end on the 11th February and to be honest, good riddance to it! For those of you who have read our previous blogs, you'll be pleased to know that The Year of the Ox which is replacing it is a good omen for our clients. We recently talked about Bull Markets (those that go up quickly) against Bear Markets before (those that go down) (read here) and to a layperson like me, an Ox is basically a big Bull (but with its bits removed).

The reason the ‘man bits’ have been removed is to make it easier to control and the main reason it is bigger as it lives longer. So, we are going to coin the phrase Ox Market: a rising stock market that grows bigger than normal whilst being under control -great news for all of us and fits in with our Plan A scenario how we started the ‘Gregorian’ New Year blog here.

An Ox is also a fantastic worker, used to pull machinery in the fields or pulling vehicles. Let’s hope this Ox can pull all our investments and pensions higher for 12 months before the Tiger arrives.

Happy Chinese New Year!

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