James Oliver at the Strategic Solutions Dorset Senior Cup Final

A few weeks ago Strategic Solutions were asked if we would like to sponsor the Dorset Senior Cup Final.

The match was to be fought between Weymouth Fc and Gillingham Town Football Club. As a shirt sponsor for Gillingham Town Reserves this seemed even more a reason to get involved. I spent most of my childhood growing up in Gillingham so I wasn’t going to be biased… We met captains and presidents from both teams before walking to the Pitch with the players and greeting both sides.

Its only when you go behind the scenes and get to see all the people involved that give up their free time and volunteer that you realise how much goes in to making these leagues and events happen. The match was fantastic to watch and had a gripping second half with Gillingham pushing hard to try and equalise before Weymouth’s eventual win of 2:1

At the end I helped congratulate both sides and celebrated in Weymouth’s victory. The night was brilliant with respectable crowd numbers

We look forward to supporting local football in the future.

James Oliver IFA

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