"You Can’t Put a Price on Good Financial Advice"

Gillian Osborne explains explains to Morningstar how she has sought specialist financial advice from Michael King after the death of her husband.

Gillian Osborne knows first-hand the financial difficulties many people face when they lose a spouse. “Obviously it is such a difficult time emotionally, the last thing you feel equipped to deal with is sorting out complex financial issues,” she shared. “There were tax issues to address, as well as sorting out an appropriate investment strategy.” Osborne’s late husband, Gordon, had largely taken care of the couple’s savings and investments while she dealt with the day-to-day household finances. She said the help of her adviser from Strategic Solutions Chartered Financial Planners was invaluable.

“Our adviser Michael King had initially advised myself and my husband, and helped us draw up our wills. But he was then on hand to help sort through the tax complexities as well as being able to advise me on what I should do with this investment portfolio.” She was encouraged to include her son and daughter in these financial decisions. “My husband Gordon was very clear that he wanted to use some of our savings to help our three grandchildren. We’ve never had huge amounts of money, but the fact that Gordon saved regularly and invested sensibly means that there are now resources to be able to do this.”

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