"I Trust My Adviser to Pick My Investments"

Ann Ward explains how finding the right financial adviser has boosted her retirement income and taken a weight off her shoulders

Professional Advice Brings Peace of Mind

Mrs Ward says she likes the fact that she didn’t have to move all her money at once, instead gradually drip feeding it into the markets. But to her, the over-riding reason for sticking with her adviser hasn’t been the returns, but the service.

She says: “I’ve now moved from Devon to the Midlands, but I still visit my adviser, Abi Stidworthy from Strategic Solutions, once a year to see how my investments are getting on. There can’t be many people who have a journey of almost 200 miles to see their financial adviser!” She adds: “They are always there at the end of the phone and I can also speak to Investec if I have specific questions about my portfolio. Abi has made it easy to deal with financial issues; I’ve utmost trust in them. They’ve taken a lot of weight off my shoulders. If I have any queries or letters from HMRC they are happy to deal with them.” -

Read more at: http://www.morningstar.co.uk/uk/news/144267/investor-views-i-trust-my-adviser-to-pick-my-investments.aspx

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